"Sabda-Mu adalah pelita bagi langkahku, cahaya untuk menerangi jalanku." Mazmur 119:105 (BIS)
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 Sinonim untuk: Servant, Slave.

 Lihat Definisi untuk doulov                   1401
 Lihat Definisi untuk yerapwn                  2324
 Lihat Definisi untuk diakonov                 1249
 Lihat Definisi untuk oikethv                  3610
 Lihat Definisi untuk uphrethv                 5257

 doulov is the usual word for slave, one who is permanently in
 servitude, in subjection to a master.

 yerapwn is simply one who renders service at a particular time,
 sometimes as a slave, more often as a freeman, who renders voluntary
 service prompted by duty or love.  It denotes one who serves, in
 his relation to a person.

 diakonov also may designate either a slave or a freeman, it denotes
 a servant viewed in relation to his work.

 oikethv designates a slave, sometimes being practically equivalent
 to doulov.  Usually, however, as the etymology of the term
 indicates, it means a slave as a member of the household, not
 emphasizing the servile idea, but rather the relation which would tend
 to mitigate the severity of his condition.

 uphrethv means literally an under-rower, and was used to describe
 an ordinary rower on a war-galley. It is then used, as in the N.T., to
 indicate any man, not a slave, who served in a subordinate position
 under a superior.
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