"Sabda-Mu adalah pelita bagi langkahku, cahaya untuk menerangi jalanku." Mazmur 119:105 (BIS)
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Pharisaios <5330> - Greek Lexicon
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Word:farisaiov Pharisaios
Origin:of Hebrew origin, cf 06567 Myvwrp
Source:TDNT - 9:11,1246
Kind:n m
In AV:Pharisee 100
 1) A sect that seems to have started after the Jewish exile. In
    addition to OT books the Pharisees recognised in oral tradition a
    standard of belief and life. They sought for distinction and
    praise by outward observance of external rites and by outward
    forms of piety, and such as ceremonial washings, fastings,
    prayers, and alms giving; and, comparatively negligent of genuine
    piety, they prided themselves on their fancied good works. They
    held strenuously to a belief in the existence of good and evil
    angels, and to the expectation of a Messiah; and they cherished
    the hope that the dead, after a preliminary experience either of
    reward or of penalty in Hades, would be recalled to life by him,
    and be requited each according to his individual deeds. In
    opposition to the usurped dominion of the Herods and the rule of
    the Romans, they stoutly upheld the theocracy and their country's
    cause, and possessed great influence with the common people.
    According to Josephus they numbered more than 6000. They were
    bitter enemies of Jesus and his cause; and were in turn severely
    rebuked by him for their avarice, ambition, hollow reliance on
    outward works, and affection of piety in order to gain popularity.
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