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teknon <5043> - Greek Lexicon
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Word:teknon teknon
Origin:from the base of 5098
Source:TDNT - 5:636,759
Kind:n n
In AV:child 77, son 21, daughter 1
 1) offspring, children
   1a) child
       1a) a male child, a son
   1b) metaph.
       1b1) the name transferred to that intimate and reciprocal
            relationship formed between men by the bonds of love,
            friendship, trust, just as between parents and children
       1b2) in affectionate address, such as patrons, helpers,
            teachers and the like employ: my child
       1b3) in the NT, pupils or disciples are called children of
            their teachers, because the latter by their instruction
            nourish the minds of their pupils and mould their
       1b4) children of God: in the OT of "the people of Israel" as
            especially dear to God, in the NT, in Paul's writings, all
            who are led by the Spirit of God and thus closely related
            to God
       1b5) children of the devil: those who in thought and action are
            prompted by the devil, and so reflect his character
     1c) metaph.
         1c1) of anything who depends upon it, is possessed by a
              desire or affection for it, is addicted to it
         1c2) one who is liable to any fate
              1c2a) thus children of a city: it citizens and inhabitants
         1c3) the votaries of wisdom, those souls who have, as it
              were, been nurtured and moulded by wisdom
         1c4) cursed children, exposed to a curse and doomed to God's
              wrath or penalty

 Sinonim   : Lihat Definisi 5868
                        dan 5943
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