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hieron <2411> - Greek Lexicon
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Word:ieron hieron
Origin:from 2413
Source:TDNT - 3:230,349
Kind:n n
In AV:temple 71
 1) a sacred place, temple
    1a) used of the temple of Artemis at Ephesus
    1b) used of the temple at Jerusalem

 The temple of Jerusalem consisted of the whole of the sacred
 enclosure, embracing the entire aggregate of buildings, balconies,
 porticos, courts (that is that of the men of Israel, that of the
 women, and that of the priests), belonging to the temple; the latter
 designates the sacred edifice properly so called, consisting of two
 parts, the "sanctuary" or "Holy Place" (which no one except the
 priests was allowed to enter), and the "Holy of Holies" or "the most
 holy place" (which was entered only on the great day of atonement by
 the high priest alone). Also there were the courts where Jesus or the
 apostles taught or encountered adversaries, and the like, "in the
 temple"; also the courts of the temple, of the Gentiles, out of which
 Jesus drove the buyers and sellers and the money changers, court of
 the women.

 Sinonim   : Lihat Definisi 5878
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