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Alkitab Terjemahan Baru
Alkitab Kabar Baik (BIS)
Firman Allah Yang Hidup
Perjanjian Baru WBTC [draft]
Alkitab Terjemahan Lama
Kitab Suci Injil
Alkitab Shellabear [draft]
Alkitab Melayu Baba
Alkitab Klinkert 1863
Alkitab Klinkert 1870
Alkitab Leydekker [draft]
Alkitab Ende
TB Interlinear [draft]
TL Interlinear [draft]
AV with Strong Numbers
Bible in Basic English
The Message Bible
New King James Version
Philips NT in Modern English
Revised Webster Version
God's Word Translation
NET Bible [draft]
NET Bible [draft] Lab
BHS with Strongs
Analytic Septuagint
Interlinear Greek/Strong
Westcott-Hort Greek Text
Textus Receptus

Pengantar Full Life
Pengantar BIS
Pengantar FAYH
Pengantar Ende
Pengantar Jerusalem
Pengantar Bible Pathway
Intisari Alkitab
Ajaran Utama Alkitab
Garis Besar Full Life
Garis Besar Ende
Garis Besar Pemulihan
Judul Perikop Full Life
Judul Perikop BIS
Judul Perikop TB
Judul Perikop FAYH
Judul Perikop Ende
Judul Perikop KSI
Judul Perikop WBTC

Verse Notes 
Catatan Ayat Full Life
Catatan Ayat BIS
Catatan Ayat Ende
Catatan Terjemahan Ende
Catatan Ayat Jerusalem
Referensi Silang TSK
Referensi Silang TB
Referensi Silang BIS
Santapan Harian

Kamus Kompilasi
Kamus Easton
Kamus Pedoman
Kamus Gering

Greek Lexicon
Hebrew Lexicon
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These texts are only available for NON-COMMERCIAL personal/scholarly and educational use.
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Many/Most of these e-texts are the same e-text as found in the CD-SABDA/OLB (Online Bible versi Indonesia) software.
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SABDAweb is the update/upgrade/enhancement of SABDA-Web -- the Web Version/Interface for SABDA-CD and SABDA/Online Bible software, versi Indonesia.
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Bible Versions
Bible in Indonesian (Modern)
Informasi tentang versi Alkitab dalam bahasa Indonesia dapat ditemukan di alamat: atau dari CD-SABDA/OLB.

Terjemahan Baru (TB)
Copyright Lembaga Alkitab Indonesia (Indonesian Bible Society), 1994.
Released for non-profit scholarly and personal use. Not to be sold for profit. When making formal public reference to the materials, please acknowlege The Indonesian Bible Society (Lembaga Alkitab Indonesia) as the copyright holder.

This e-text 1994 edition of the 1974 Terjemahan Baru (LAI-TB), is the same e-text as found in the SABDA/Online Bible software.

Bahasa Indonesia Sehari-hari (BIS)
Copyright Lembaga Alkitab Indonesia (Indonesian Bible Society), 1994.
Released for non-profit scholarly and personal use. Not to be sold for profit. When making formal public reference to the materials, please acknowlege The Indonesian Bible Society (Lembaga Alkitab Indonesia) as the copyright holder.

This e-text 1994 edition of the 1985 Bahasa Indonesia Sehari-hari (LAI-BIS), is the same e-text as found in the SABDA/Online Bible software.

Firman Allah Yang Hidup: Alkitab dalam Bahasa Sehari-hari (FAYH)
Copyright (c) 1989, Living Bibles International, Edisi pertama.
All rights reserved; Hak pengarang dilindungi Undang-Undang.
Diterbitkan oleh Yayasan Kalam Hidup; Jalan Naripan 67 - Kotak Pos 156 Bandung 40112.

Alkitab dalam Bahasa Sehari-hari diterbitkan atas kerja sama dengan Living Bibles International

This e-text 1997 edition of the 1989 Firman Allah Yang Hidup (KH-FAYH), is the same e-text as found in the original SABDA-Web -- the Web Version/Interface for SABDA/Online Bible software.

Kitab Suci Injil (KSI)
Copyright Lembaga Alkitab Indonesia (Indonesian Bible Society), 2000. Teks Kitab Suci Injil; ©LAI 2000 Pengutipan/penggandaan ayat-ayat dalam Kitab Suci ini dengan cara apapun, harus memperoleh izin tertulis dari LAI. Untuk keperluan yang tidak diperjualbelikan dan tidak melebihi seribu ayat atau terdiri dari satu kitab, maka izin dari LAI tidak diperlukan, namun pada akhir kutipan harus dicantumkan kata-kata: KSI LAI
Bible in Indonesian (Historic)
Terjemahan Lama (TL)
Copyright; Hubungi YLSA. Lihat Sejarah.
Hadiah dari Pemerintah Republik Indonesia untuk Masjarakat Kristen.

This e-text 1997 edition of the updated 1954 Alkitab "Terjemahan Lama", is the same e-text as found in the original SABDA-Web -- the Web Version/Interface for SABDA/Online Bible software.

Diterdjemahkan dari pada bahasa gerika kepada Bahasa Indonesia.
Lembaga-Lembaga Alkitab jang Berkerdjasama, Djakarta 1954, 1965 ...
Dari Alkitab Bode (PB) dan Klinkert (PL); Lihat Sejarah.

Kitab Kudus/Kitab Indjil (ENDE)
Copyright; Hubungi YLSA.
Lihat Sejarah. 1965 ... 1970
Diterdjemahkan menurut naskah-naskah Junani.
[PB=Indjil: Kabar Gembira Jesus Kristus]
Diterdjemahkan dan diterbitkan atas nama Para Wali Geredja Indonesia
Diterbitkan dengan bantuan Pemerintah Republik Indonesia dalam Rentjana Pembangunan Lima Tahun, 1970.
Pertjetakan Arnoldus Ende-Flores; Imprimatur: Uskup Agung Ende 1970
Lihat Sejarah.

Alkitab Shellabear (SB)
Copyright; Hubungi YLSA. Lihat Sejarah.
The British and Foreign Bible Society, London 1912, 1929, 1949 ...
(Roman Character. British Government Spelling)
Lihat Sejarah.

Perjanjian Baru Melayu Baba (BABA)
Copyright; Hubungi YLSA. Lihat Sejarah.
Singapura: Terchap di Methodist Publishing House
Kerna British and Foreign Bible Society 1913

Kitab Perjanjian Bharu
New Testament in Baba Malay, 1st Edition - 2,000.

There is a third form of Malay in which it has been found useful to issue Scriptures. This is what is known as Baba Malay, the colloquial spoken in the Straits Settlements by people of Chinese race or descent. The first book published was St. Matthew, translated by Miss M. Macmahon, of the Presbyterian Church of England Mission at Singapore. It was printed in 1891. Since then Dr. Shellabear has prepared the whole New Testament [SB]. It was first published in 1913 and has been in much demand. The character used id the roman, but as the orthography used in the Malay Peninsula differs from that used by the Dutch, the book has been issued in both forms of spelling.
Lihat Sejarah.

Alkitab Melayu Ambon (ROS/AMB)
Copyright; Hubungi YLSA.
The National Bible Society of Scotland, in 1877, issued 1,000 copies of an independent version of the New Testament prepared by B.N.J. Roskott of Amboina, in what he claimed "was the only version which had ever been prepared in the Malay dialect in which it was written." There does not appear to have been any further editions of Roskott's translation issued until 20,000 copies of his version of St. John were reprinted in 1931 by the Scripture Gift Mission and the National Bible Society of Scotland.
Lihat Sejarah.
Bible in English
Authorised Version, with Strong Numbers (AV)
1769 Authorised Version; Reprint of 1611 King James Version (KJV) Strong's Numbers from Englishman's Greek and Hebrew Concordances plus with Verb Parsings; Copyright OLB.

This e-text of the 1769 edition of the 1611 AV, King James Version, is the AV text found in the SABDA/Online Bible software.

Extracts from the Authorised Version of the Bible, the rights in which are vested in the Crown, are reproduced by permission of the Crown's patentee, Cambridge University Press.

"In 1604, King James I of England authorized that a new translation of the Bible into English be started. It was finished in 1611, just 85 years after the first translation of the New Testament into English appeared (Tyndale, 1526). The Authorized Version, or King James Version, quickly became the standard for English-speaking Protestants. Its flowing language and prose rhythm has had a profound influence on the literature of the past 300 years." - Gospel Communications Network.

Bible in Basic English (BBE)
Copyright OLB; Hubungi YLSA. Lihat Sejarah BBE.
e-Text date Apr. 1994.
1949/1964 Bible In Basic English. Public Domain. Those that intend to use the Bible In Basic English for other than personal use should verify the copyright/PD status of BBE. The BBE was printed in 1965 by Cambridge Press in England. Published without any copyright notice and distributed in America, this work fell immediately into the Public Domain in the United States according to the UCC convention of that time. A call to Cambridge prior to placing this work in etext resulted in an admission of this fact.

Basic English, produced by Mr C. K. Ogden of the Orthological Institute, is a simple form of the English language which, with 850 words, is able to give the sense of anything which may be said in English.

World English Bible (WEB) [Not yet complete.]
The WEB Bible as it might apear by the name is being translated specifically for the purpose of being distrubuted over the WEB. In the words of those working on the translation from the ASV 1901, "...there is NO OTHER complete translation of the Holy Bible in normal Modern English that can be freely copied (except for some limited "fair use") without payment of royalties. This is the vacuum that the World English Bible is trying to fill."

The World English Bible is a Modern English update of the American Standard Version of 1901. For a complete description:
see World English Bible (WEB)
Bible in Original/Ancient Language
Interlinear Greek/Strong New Testament (IGNT)
Copyright OLB; Hubungi YLSA.
This e-text of the 1894 Scrivener edition of the Textus Receptus, is the same e-text as found in the SABDA/Online Bible software.

Interlinear Greek NT Keyed to Strongs
1894 Scrivener Textus Receptus

Prepared by
Larry Pierce & Maurice A. Robinson, Ph.D.
Copyright (c) 1997, Winterbourne, Ont.
Please make copies for your friends.

Attached Note from Authors: I always wanted a very literal translation to study from that was closely tied to the Greek and Strong's numbers. This summer I had the text prepared for this project, and now you have the results. Enjoy.

Prepared from 1894 Scrivener Textus Receptus:
The Scrivener's 1894 Greek New Testament edition is an attempt to reconstruct the Greek Vorlage for the KJV/AV NT, insofar as this can be found in Greek MSS, without retranslating Vulgate readings back into unattested Greek.
[*View a chart of the transliteration.*]

Westcott-Hort Greek/Strongs New Testament Text (WH)
Copyright OLB; Hubungi YLSA.
This e-text of the 1881 Westcott-Hort Greek Text, with Strongs and 1996, 1997 parsing codes, is the same e-text as found in the SABDA/Online Bible software. [The Online Greek New Testament]

1881 Westcott-Hort Greek Text

Prepared by
Maurice A. Robinson, Ph.D.
Department of Biblical Studies and Languages
Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

Greek New Testament (Westcott-Hort) with Declension Codes For Nouns, Adjectives, Prepositions, Conjunctions and Particles; and Parsing Codes for Verb-Related Forms: The codes used reflect an original abridgment and correction of the parsing codes utilized in Wesley J. Perschbacher, "The New Analytical Greek Lexicon" (Peabody, MA: Hendrickson, 1990), which volume is itself an updated and corrected revision of the original "Analytical Greek Lexicon" by Samuel Davidson (London: Samuel Bagster and Sons, 1859).
[*View a chart of the transliteration.*]
Biblical Tools
Bible Concordance Search/Display
Copyright YLSA; Hubungi YLSA.
Alat/Fungsi dan algoritma (rumus/coding) oleh YLSA.
Versi-versi Alkitab -- Lihat daftar di atas.
Bible Dictionaries (and Topics)
Easton's Bible Dictionary
Copyright OLB/YLSA; Hubungi YLSA.
Easton's 1897 Bible Dictionary. These Dictionary topics are from M.G. Easton M.A., D.D., Illustrated Bible Dictionary, Third Edition, published by Thomas Nelson, 1897. Due to the nature of the etext, the illustrated portions of the Dictionary have not been included.

Kamus Kompilasi dari CD-SABDA
Copyright YLSA/dll; Hubungi YLSA.
Kamus Kompilasi merupakan kumpulan dari:
Indeks Peta dan Daftar Nama Tempat; Copyright YLSA/dll; Nomor #22019
Kamus Tokoh Alkitab; Sorbo-AOG/YLSA; Copyright YLSA/dll; Nomor #19502
Kamus Singkat (versi LAI); LAI/YLSA; Copyright LAI/YLSA; Nomor #19503
Kamus Alkitab; Herbert Haag; Copyright YLSA/NusaIndah; Nomor #19504

Pedoman Pokok-pokok Isi Alkitab
Copyright YLSA/dll; Hubungi YLSA.
Pedoman Pokok-pokok Isi Alkitab (The New Topical Textbook), oleh R. A. Torrey, diterjemahkan oleh J. V. Metzler.

Diterjemahkan dari Buku Asli The New Topical Textbook.
Atas Izin penerbitnya: Fleming H. Revell Company.
Hak pengarang dilindungi Udang-udang.

Berisi 20.000 pokok besar kecil dan 30.000 petunjuk ayat.
Cross References and Verse Notes
Full Life Study Notes (Catatan Ayat)
Copyright YLSA/dll; Hubungi YLSA.

IND-TSK; Indonesian Cross References,
dengan Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Copyright YLSA/OLB/dll; Hubungi YLSA.
SABDA Maps, SABDA Map Index, City/Place Search, Map/Grid Locater
Copyright YLSA dan AOG; Hubungi YLSA.
The maps and indexes are the same as that found in the Full Life Study Bible Maps and the Kamus Kompilasi found in the SABDA/Online Bible software.
Search, indeks, fungsi/alat dan algoritma (rumus/coding) oleh YLSA.
Image sources: SABDA-CD; Thumbnails oleh YLSA.

OLB Maps (English)
Copyright OLB; Hubungi YLSA.
These maps are the same as found in the SABDA/Online Bible software. Image sources: SABDA-CD
Original Language Tools
OLB Strong's Greek Lexicon and OLB Strong's Hebrew Lexicon
Copyright YLSA/OLB; Hubungi YLSA.

Strong's Dictionaries of Hebrew and Greek Words, taken from, Strong's Exhaustive Concordance by James Strong, S.T.D., LL.D., 1890. These text files have been added to, enhanced and improved/fixed for usage in Online Bible software with OLB's Englishman's Strong Numbers.

Interlinear NT (Greek-English)
Copyright OLB; Hubungi YLSA.
Lihat *Interlinear Greek/Strong New Testament (IGNT) di atas.

Strong's Coding and Greek Parsings
Copyright OLB; Hubungi YLSA.
Lihat *Westcott-Hort Greek/Strongs New Testament Text (WH) di atas.
Library [not yet]
Interface masih sedang didesign dan dalam tahap coding.

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SABDAweb Infrastructure, Coding and System
Copyright YLSA/SABDA/OLB; Hubungi YLSA.
All rights reserved.

SABDAweb adalah Versi/Interface Web untuk software SABDA/Online Bible, versi Indonesia, dan CD-SABDA/OLB.

SABDAweb adalah pengembangan (update/upgrade/enhancement) dari SABDA-Web, dengan tambahan data/versi/fungsi.
To the best of our knowledge, the above is accurate. Please help us to correct any mistakes that might be found. Via SABDAweb and this site, these texts are part of SABDA/YLSA and are made available ONLY for NON-COMMERCIAL personal/scholarly and educational use.
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