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Referensi Silang TSK - 1 Samuel 1:1
Introduction Introduction | Context Context | 1 Samuel 1:1 1 Samuel 1:1
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1SA 01:01
	Lihat -- Bahan Biblika untuk -- 1SAMUEL  05911

Judul: Kelahiran Samuel
Perikop: /TB 1Sam 1:1-28

Referensi Silang:
{a} dari Ramataim {a}
	/TB  Yos 18:25 
	Lihat TSK - sumber "Yos 18:25"
{b} -Zofim, {b}
	/TB  1Sam 9:5 
{c} dari pegunungan {c}
	/TB  Yos 17:17-18 
{d} Efraim, {d}
	/TB  Yos 21:20-22 
{e} namanya Elkana {e}
	/TB  1Taw 6:27,34 
  The First Book of SAMUEL, otherwise called The First Book of
                          the KINGS

 1  Elkanah, a Levite, having two wives, worships yearly at
 4  He cherishes Hannah, though barren, and provoked by
 9  Hannah in grief prays for a child.
12  Eli first rebuking her, afterwards blesses her.
19  Hannah, having born Samuel, stays at home till he is
24  She presents him, according to her vow, to the Lord.

* Ramathaim-zophim.
  This ancient town, now called Ramla, is, according to Phocas,
  about thirty-six miles west of Jerusalem, and, according to
  modern travellers, about nine miles from Joppa and a league
  from Lydda, between which it is situated.  It is built on a
  rising ground, on a rich plain, and contains about two
  thousand families.

	. 19 Mt 27:57
* Arimathea.  mount.
	. Jud 17:1 19:1
* Elkanah.
	. 1Ch 6:25-27,34
* Zuph.
	. 9:5
* Ephrathite.
	. 17:12 Jud 12:5 Ru 1:2 1Ki 11:26
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