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Referensi Silang TSK - Jude 1:1
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JUDE 01:01
	Lihat -- Bahan Biblika untuk -- YUDAS  05967

Judul: Salam
Perikop: /TB Yud 1:1-2

Referensi Silang:
{a} Dari Yudas, {a}
	/TB  Mat 13:55; Yoh 14:22; Kis 1:13  
{b} Yesus Kristus {b}
	/TB  Rom 1:1  
{c} yang terpanggil, {c}
	/TB  Rom 1:6,7  
{d} Yesus Kristus. {d}
	/TB  Yoh 17:12 
 1  He exhorts them to be constant in the profession of the
 4  False teachers are crept in to seduce them, for whose evil
    doctrine and manners horrible punishment is prepared;
20  whereas the godly, by the assistance of the Holy Spirit,
    and prayers to God, may persevere, and grow in grace, and
    keep themselves, and recover others out of the snares of
    those deceivers.

* A. D. 66.  A. M. 4070.
* Jude.
	. Mt 10:3
* Lebbeus, Thaddeus.
	. Mr 3:18
* Thaddeus.
	. Lu 6:16 Joh 14:22 Ac 1:13
* the servant.
	. Joh 12:26 Ac 27:23 Ro 1:1 6:22 16:18 Jas 1:1 2Pe 1:1
* them.
	. Joh 15:16 17:17,19 Ac 20:32 1Co 1:2 6:11 Eph 5:26 1Th 5:23
	. 1Pe 1:2
* preserved.
	. Joh 6:39 10:28-30 17:11,12,15 2Ti 4:18 1Pe 1:5
* and called.
	. Ro 8:30 9:24 1Th 2:12 2Th 2:13,14 2Ti 1:9 Heb 3:1 1Pe 2:9 5:10
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