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Referensi Silang TSK - 2 Peter 1:1
Introduction Introduction | Context Context | 2 Peter 1:1 2 Peter 1:1
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2PE 01:01
	Lihat -- Bahan Biblika untuk -- 2PETRUS  05963

Judul: Salam
Perikop: /TB 2Pet 1:1-2

Referensi Silang:
{a} Petrus, hamba {a}
	/TB  Rom 1:1  
{b} Yesus Kristus, {b}
	/TB  1Pet 1:1  
{c} karena keadilan {c}
	/TB  Rom 3:21-26  
{d} Yesus Kristus. {d}
	/TB  Tit 2:13 
 1  Confirming them in hope of the increase of God's graces,
 5  he exhorts them, by faith, and good works, to make their
    calling sure;
12  whereof he is careful to remind them, knowing that his death
    is at hand;
16  and warns them to be constant in the faith of Christ, who is
    the true Son of God, by the eyewitness of the apostles
    beholding his majesty, and by the testimony of the Father,
    and the prophets.

* Simon.  or, Symeon.
	. Ac 15:14
* Peter.
	. Mt 4:18 10:2 Lu 22:31-34 Joh 1:42 21:15-17 1Pe 1:1
* a servant.
	. Joh 12:26 Ro 1:1
* an apostle.
	. Lu 11:49 Joh 20:21 1Co 9:1 15:9 Ga 2:8 Eph 3:5 4:11 1Pe 5:1
* have.
	. 4 Ac 15:8,9 Ro 1:12 2Co 4:13 Eph 4:5 Php 1:29 2Ti 1:5
	. Tit 1:1,4 1Pe 1:7 2:7
* through.
	. Jer 33:16 Ro 1:17 3:21-26 1Co 1:30 2Co 5:21 Php 3:9
* of God and our Saviour.  Gr. of our God and Saviour.
	. Isa 12:2 Lu 1:47 Tit 2:13
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