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Referensi Silang TSK - Philemon 1:1
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PHM 01:01
	Lihat -- Bahan Biblika untuk -- FILEMON  05959

Referensi Silang:
{a} seorang hukuman {a}
	/TB  Filem 1:9,23 
	/TB  Ef 3:1  
	Lihat TSK - sumber "Ef 3:1 "
{b} dari Timotius {b}
	/TB  Kis 16:1  
	Lihat TSK - sumber "Kis 16:1 "
{c} saudara {c}
	/TB  2Kor 1:1  
{d} teman sekerja {d}
	/TB  Fili 2:25 
	Lihat TSK - sumber "Fili 2:25"
	Lihat FULL cat. "PHM 01:01"
 1  Paul rejoices to hear of the faith and love of Philemon,
    whom he desires to forgive his servant Onesimus,
    and lovingly to receive him again.

* A. D. 64.  A. M. 4068.
* a prisoner.
	. 9 Eph 3:1 4:1 6:20 2Ti 1:8
* Timothy.
	. 2Co 1:1 Col 1:1 2Th 1:1
* Philemon.
  The apostle in this epistle indulges in some fine paronomasais
  on the proper names.  Thus Philemon,
  [Philemon <See definition 5371>,] affectionate, or
  beloved, is "our dearly beloved;" Apphia,
  ([Apphia <See definition 682> from appha,] the
  affectionate address of a brother or sister, according to
  Suidas,) is "the beloved sister," as several MSS., Vulgate,
  and others correctly read; Archippus,
  ([Archippos <See definition 751>,] the ruler of the horse,
  for the managing of which heros were anciently famous,) is
  "our fellow- soldier;" and Onesimus,
  ([Onesimos <See definition 3682>,] useful or profitable,)
  once unprofitable, is now profitable.

* and fellow labourer.
	. 24 1Co 3:9 Php 2:25 4:3 Col 4:11 1Th 3:2
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