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Referensi Silang TSK - Lamentations 1:1
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LA 01:01
	Lihat -- Bahan Biblika untuk -- RATAPAN  05927

Judul: Keruntuhan dan kesunyian Yerusalem
Perikop: /TB Rat 1:1-22

Referensi Silang:
{a} betapa terpencilnya {a}
	/TB  Im 26:43 
	Lihat TSK - sumber "Im 26:43"
{b} dahulu ramai! {b}
	/TB  Yer 42:2 
	Lihat TSK - sumber "Yer 42:2"
{c} seorang jandalah {c}
	/TB  Yes 47:8 
	Lihat TSK - sumber "Yes 47:8"
{d} dahulu agung {d}
	/TB  1Raj 4:21 
	Lihat TSK - sumber "1Raj 4:21"
{e} menjadi jajahan. {e}
	/TB  Yes 3:26 
	/TB  Yer 40:9 
	Lihat TSK - sumber "Yer 40:9"
	/TB  Yeh 5:5 
	Lihat FULL cat. "LA 01:01"
 1  The miseries of Jerusalem and of the Jews pathetically
    lamented, with confessions of their sins.
12  The attention and compassion of beholders demanded to this
    unprecedented case.
18  The justice of God acknowledged, and his mercy supplicated,
    with prayers against insulting foes.

* How doth.
  The LXX. have the following words as an introduction:  "And it
  came to pass after Israel had been carried captive, and
  Jerusalem was become desolate, that Jeremiah sat weeping, and
  lamented with this lamentation over Jerusalem, and said."

	. 2:1 4:1 Isa 14:12 Jer 50:23 Zep 2:15 Re 18:16,17
* sit.
	. 2:10 Isa 3:26 47:1-15 50:5 52:2,7 Jer 9:11 Eze 26:16
* full.
	. Ps 122:4 Isa 22:2 Zec 8:4,5
* as a.
	. Isa 47:8,9 54:4 Re 18:7
* great.
	. 1Ki 4:21 2Ch 9:26 Ezr 4:20
* how is.
	. 5:16 2Ki 23:33,35 Ne 5:4 9:37
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