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Referensi Silang TSK - Exodus 1:1
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EX 01:01
	Lihat -- Bahan Biblika untuk -- KELUARAN  05904

Judul: Orang Israel ditindas di Mesir
Perikop: /TB Kel 1:1-22

Referensi Silang:
{a} anak Israel {a}
	/TB  Kej 46:8 
	Lihat TSK - sumber "Kej 46:8"
Catatan Frasa:  PARA ANAK ISRAEL.
	Lihat FULL cat. "EX 01:01"
 The title of this Book is derived from the Septuagint; in which
 it is called [exodos,], "Exodus;" or, as it is in the Codex
 Alexandrinus, [exodos  aiguptou,] "the Exodus or departure
 from Egypt;" but it is called in Hebrew Bibles [w'lh shmwt,]
 {Weelleh Shemoth,} "these are the names", or merely, [shmwt,]
 {Shemoth,} "names", from the words with which it commences.

 1  The children of Israel, after Joseph's death, increase.
 8  The more they are oppressed by a new king, the more they
15  The godliness of the midwives, in saving the men children
22  Pharaoh commands the male children to be cast into the

	. 6:14-16 Ge 29:31-35 30:1-21 35:18,23-26 46:8-26 49:3-27
	. 1Ch 2:1,2 12:23-40 27:16-22 Re 7:4-8
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