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Referensi Silang TSK - 1 Kings 1:1
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1KI 01:01
	Lihat -- Bahan Biblika untuk -- 1RAJA-RAJA  05913

Judul: Adonia mengangkat dirinya sebagai raja
Perikop: /TB 1Raj 1:1-27
          The First Book of the KINGS, commonly called
                  The Third Book of the KINGS.

 1  Abishag cherishes David in his extreme age.
 5  Adonijah, David's darling, usurps the kingdom.
11  By the council of Nathan,
15  Bath-sheba moves the king,
22  and Nathan seconds her.
28  David renews his oath to Bath-sheba.
32  Solomon, by David's appointment, being anointed king by
    Zadok and Nathan, the people triumph.
41  Jonathan bringing the news, Adonijah's guests fly.
50  Adonijah, flying to the horns of the altar, upon his good
    behaviour, is dismissed by Solomon.

* old.
  David was probably now about sixty-nine years of age.  He was
  thirty years old when he began to reign, reigned forty, and
  died in his seventieth year; and the transactions mentioned
  here are supposed to have taken place about a year before his
  death.  Sixty-nine was not an advanced age; but he had been
  exhausted with various fatigues, and especially family
  afflictions, so that he was much older in constitution than in

	  2Sa 5:4 1Ch 23:1 29:27,28 Ps 90:10
* and stricken in years.  Heb. and entered into days.
	  Ge 18:11 24:1 Jos 23:1,2 Lu 1:7
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