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1 Corinthians 1 - Philips NT in Modern English
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1:1PAUL, commissioned by the will of God as a messenger of Christ Jesus, and Sosthenes, a Christian brother,
1:2to the church of God at Corinthto those whom Christ Jesus has made holy, who me called to be God's men and women, to all true believers in Jesus Christ, their Lord and ours
1:3grace and peace be to you from God the Father and the Lords Jesus Christ!
1:4I am always thankful to God for what the gift of his grace in Christ Jesus has meant to you.
1:5For, as the Christian message has become established among you, he has enriched your whole lives, from the words on your lips to the understanding in your hearts.
1:7And you have been eager to receive his gifts during this of waiting for his final appearance.
1:8He will keep you steadfast in the faith to the end, so that when his day comes you need fear no condemnation.
1:9God is utterly dependable, and it is he who has called you into fellowship with his Son Jesus Christ, our Lord.
1:10Now I do beg you, my brothers, by all that our Lord Jesus Christ means to you, to speak with one voice, and not allow yourselves to be split up into parties. All together you should be achieving a unity in thought and judgment.
1:11For I know, from what some of Chloe's people have told me, that you are each making different claims
1:12"I am one of Paul's men," says one; "I am one of Apollos','"says another; or "I am one of Cephas'";while someone else says, "I owe my faith to Christ alone."
1:13What are you saying? Is there more then one Christ? Was it Paul who died on the cross for you? Were you baptized in the name of Paul?
1:14It makes me thankful that I didn't actually baptize any of you (except Crispus and Gaius),
1:15or perhaps someone would be saying I did it in my own name.
1:16(Oh yes, I did baptize Stephanas' family, but I can't remember anyone else.)
1:17For Christ did not send me primarily to baptize, but to proclaim the gospel. And I have not done this by the persuasiveness of clever words, for I have no desire to rob the cross of its power.
1:18The preaching of the cross is, I know, nonsense to those who are involved in this dying world, but to us who are being saved from that death it is nothing less than the power of God.
1:19It is written: I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, And the prudence of the prudent will I reject.
1:20For consider, what have the philosopher, the writer and the critic of this world to show for all their wisdom? Has not God made the wisdom of this world look foolish?
1:21For it was after the world in its wisdom had failed to know God, that he in his wisdom chose to save all who would believe by the "simplemindedness" of the gospel message.
1:22For the Jews ask for miraculous proofs and the Greeks an intellectual panacea,
1:23but all we preach is Christ crucifieda stumblingblock to the Jews and sheer nonsense to the gentiles,
1:24but for those who are called, whether Jews or Greeks, Christ the power of God and the wisdom of God.
1:25And this is really only natural, for God's "foolishness" is wiser than men, and his "weakness" is stronger than men.
1:26For look at your own calling as Christians, my brothers. You don't see among you many of the wise (according to this world's judgment) nor many of the ruling class, nor many from the noblest families.
1:27But God has chosen what the world calls foolish to shame the wise; he has chosen what the world calls weak to shame the strong.
1:28He has chosen things of little strength and small repute, yes and even things which have no real existence, to explode the pretensions of the things that are
1:29that no man may boast in the presence of God.
1:30Yet from this same God you have received your standing in Jesus Christ, and he has become for us the true wisdom, a matter, in practice, of being made righteous and holy, in fact, of being redeemed.
1:31And this makes us see the truth of the scripture: He that glorieth, let him glory in the Lord.
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