"Sabda-Mu adalah pelita bagi langkahku, cahaya untuk menerangi jalanku." Mazmur 119:105 (BIS)
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Jonah 4 - NET Bible [draft]
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4:1This displeased Jonah terribly* and he became very angry.*
4:2He prayed to the Lord and said, “Oh, Lord, this is just what I thought* would happen* when I was in my own country.* This is what I tried to prevent* by attempting to escape to Tarshish!* – because I knew* that you are gracious and compassionate, slow to anger* and abounding* in mercy, and one who relents concerning threatened judgment.*
4:3So now, Lord, kill me instead,* because I would rather die than live!”*
4:4The Lord said, “Are you really so very* angry?”*
4:5Jonah left the city and sat down east* of it.* He made a shelter for himself there and sat down under it in the shade to see what would happen to the city.*
4:6The Lord God appointed* a little plant* and caused it to grow up over Jonah to be a shade over his head to rescue* him from his misery.* Now Jonah was very delighted* about the little plant.
4:7So God sent* a worm at dawn the next day, and it attacked the little plant so that it dried up.
4:8When the sun began to shine, God sent* a hot* east wind. So the sun beat down* on Jonah’s head, and he grew faint. So he despaired of life,* and said, “I would rather die than live!”*
4:9God said to Jonah, “Are you really so very angry* about the little plant?” And he said, “I am as angry* as I could possibly be!”*
4:10The Lord said, “You were upset* about this little* plant, something for which you have not worked nor did you do anything to make it grow. It grew up overnight and died the next day.*
4:11Should I* not be even more* concerned* about Nineveh, this enormous city?* There are more than one hundred twenty thousand people in it who do not know right from wrong,* as well as many animals!”*
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