Simple Search

Type any one word to find it in both NETBible texts and notes, in any case.

Ex.: typing lord will show all occurences of LORD, Lord, and lord.

Hint: Double-click any word will give the same result.

Multi Word Search

Type two or more words in any order to find all co-occurences of those words in the same verses/note items.

Ex.: fish bread

Phrase Search

If the word(s) you are looking for contain spaces, or you want to search them in the exact order, type them inside quotation marks (").

Ex.: "Jesus Christ"


To refine your search, use operators:

AND (&, +)
grace AND salvation will find all co-occurences of both grace and salvation in the same verses/note items. (The same as Multi Word Search, but come in handy when you want to combine operators.)
OR (|)
Abram OR Abraham will find all verses/note items contain either Abram or Abraham.
NOT (-)
Jesus NOT Christ will find all occurences of Jesus without Christ in the same verse or note item.
ALL faith hope love is a shortcut of faith AND hope AND love. This is the default behavior of searching.
ANY faith hope love is a shortcut of faith OR hope OR love.


To expand your search, use wildcards:

Ex.1: love? will search for loved, loves and all five-lettered words starting with love.

Ex.2: Ab*am will search for all words starting with Ab and ending with am, like Abram, Abraham, Abinoam, etc.


To restrict searches only to New Testament, Old Testament or any part of the Bible, either texts or notes, use special operator range and in:

Abraham range:NT will search for Abraham in New Testament only.
Jesus range:OT will search for Jesus in Old Testament only.
"Holy Spirit" range:Mat-John will search for the phrase Holy Spirit in The Gospels only.
salvation in:texts will search for salvation in NETBible texts only.
salvation in:notes will search for salvation in NETBible notes only.